About Typherion Labs Inc

Typherion labs Inc. manufactures internationally known brands such as world renowned Dajuice Hawaii and E-fusion E-liquid. To see a list of all the other brands that Typherion Labs Inc. distributes, see the co-packing page. Typherion labs can also create private label E-liquid for companies wanting to secure their own in house brand of juice for their customer base. There are a lot of options to keep in mind when choosing private labeling. Please contact us for further information regarding this.

We offer a large array of flavor profiles to choose from and can help develop your brand and manufacture a high quality E-liquid for either large or small businesses. Drop shipping is also available for your convenience.

Our private labels are produced in one of our certified clean rooms in Canada and USA using Kosher Grade Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Canadian and USA Sourced flavorings and select brand nicotine.

Our manufacturing process starts in our certified clean room and enclosures ensuring a contaminate free environment. We deliver the cleanest and purest products from start to finish.

Our operations can meet up with the demands in the marketplace.

Mission Statement

Typherion Labs Inc strives to be on the cutting edge in manufacturing, development and execution. Our mandate is to provide a clean and pure E-liquid for our consumers in major markets around the world. We believe in producing a quality E-liquid to help promote harm reduction and build consumer confidence within the industry.