Guidelines on submitting artwork


Q: What formats should your artwork be submitted in?

A: Please submit all formats of artwork and branding in a high resolution PDF file or supply the original file used to design the artwork such as an .AI, .PSD file.

Q: How can I send artwork?

A: You can email Typherion labs directly using the email on the contact page. Email us using your personal email and attach the artwork to the email to send or provide a Dropbox link for larger size files.

Q: Are there any requirements that the document must meet?

A: The document is preferred to be in 300 DPI or 600 DPI in Photoshop. This helps to produce the best quality print for your design

Q: Will a design proof be sent to my email before the labels get printed?

A: Yes, All labels will need to be signed off on before we are able to produce the labels for the brand.

If we have not answered your question and you require more information please contact us at or use the contact page.