Upcoming events for 2018

Vape Korea Expo - Sept 7 to Sept 9

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Korea's 1st exhibition on electronic cigarettes will be held from September 7(Fri) to 9(Sun) in Hall 3, KINTEX.

The global e-cigarette market has been seeing a rapid growth. According to the WHO(World Health Organization), it is anticipated to grow to be worth more than 5 billion US dollars by year 2030. In response to the explosive growth in the market and demand, South Korea is holding the 1st VAPE KOREA EXPO for the development of the Korean e-cigarette market. VAPE KOREA EXPO will feature the latest products and services from major companies in the industry and provide an excellent opportunity to connect with consumers in Korea.

Sept. 7 - Sept. 9
Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Vape Korea 2018 footage of Typherion Labs.

See 7:47 in the video

CVE Edmonton 2019 - April 26 - 28

Canada's Vape Expo

The CVE (Canada's Vape Expo) is a joint project between DashVapes and VapeMeet Inc. (producers of VapeCan 2015) and is Canada's leading vaping trade show.

Each year, the CVE travels across Canada to bring you the best in industry-leading exhibitors from Canada and abroad. The CVE focuses on the vaping public, not just vendors, and in doing so strives to promote advocacy and responsibility in communities across the country. We work very closely with the Canadian Vaping Association to maintain solidarity throughout our industry and do our best to be as informative as we are entertaining.

April 26 - 28
Edmonton, Alberta
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CVE - Setting Up The Booth