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This tobacco flavor was given its name for the wild aromatic rendition of the sweet and robust vape. This very smooth tobacco E liquid offers a solid throat hit and excellent vapor production


Rough and tough, this rich tobacco flavor has a traditional tobacco taste with a great throat hit and a clean non-sweet flavor.


A soft and sensationally classic cigarillo aroma with a hint of sweetness. Your reward for a long day's work.


The full, rich flavor of tobacco with a hint of sweet strawberry. For those looking for a treat, but not too sweet.


A blend of mild tobacco with a creamy rich vanilla is perfect for that sophisticated taste.


One of the most sought-after E liquids in the tobacco flavored category, thanks to its sweet distinct aroma and mild strength are the ideal combination for complete relaxation. They can be paired with a mellow wheat beer or red wine on a relaxed evening since the mild taste of these drinks will not override the flavor of the E liquid.


A cherry tobacco flavored E liquid has been one of the most popular flavor across America since the time they launched. They have a sweet flavor with undertones of cherry, creating a soothing inhale that's perfect for any time of the day. This E-liquid provide a sense of freshnesss and will never disappoint. They pair extremely well with a glass of mild-bodied Irish whiskey or cream-based liqueur.


This e-liquid is a complex and aromatic rendition of a sweetly rich and robust tobacco vape. This very smooth tobacco e-liquid flavor offers a solid throat hit with excellent vapor production and is perfect for those seeking an authentic analog experience. Perfectly pair with a nice glass of red wine or hearty lager or ale.

RY4 2.0

This is an all day E-liquid that pairs extremely well with a full body beer. This RY4 Max VG has an enjoyable rich tobacco flavour with undertones of a light caramel, and a smooth influence of vanilla.

Maverick E-Juice

Maverick E-juice and Maverick 2.0 are both made in Canada for the adventerous, hard working individual in mind. Maverick Ejuice offers premium tobacco E-liquid produced in a laboratory using UPS grade material and are tested for quality assurance. Maverick 2.0 Max VG offers a rich tobacco taste while giving a smooth exhale every time.

Maverick E-juice is approved by ECTA (Electronic Cigarette Trade Association.)

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